• Exfinity Ventures is an early stage, frontier technology fund.

    Backing companies driving technology innovation and business transformation across industries.

Who we are

We are a frontier technology fund backing enterprise companies (B2B) in India and across the India-US business corridor.

With established connects and ecosystem across India and US, Exfinity focuses on pioneering start-ups that are ready to scale across the global stage. We believe in a practitioner driven Investment approach as we know what it takes to build, scale and list technology companies in India and the US.

Investing 'innovation capital' and partnering with teams determined to build scalable businesses

Investment Thesis

With a strong focus on enterprise technology, we look to back technology driven product companies that have development in India but scalable across the Globe.

We are looking for entrepreneurs with proven domain expertise and market know-how. We understand 'new-age' technology driving workplace innovation and some areas of our interest include Mobility, Cloud, Software defined hardware, IoT, Analytics, AI etc

We selectively also invest in opportunities that addresses the structural challenges in India to create disruptive impacts eg- improving efficiency of logistics, governance etc or specific opportunities that address the large India consumer market via marketplaces or aggregations.