Chinnu Senthilkumar, Managing Partner & CTO of Exfinity Venture Partners, sat with Akash Bhat of ‘The Desi VC’ to discuss a arrange of topics around Venture Capital & its evolution in India.

In this episode, we will cover

1. Current VC landscape in India (2:27)

2. Chinnu’s background (12:04)

3. Consumer vs Enterprise startups (16:10)

4. Investment strategy and criteria at Exfinity (22:00)

5. Dissecting deals won or lost i.e. using post mortem to analyze fund performance and strategy (27:38)

6. Corporate VC vs traditional VC (31:01)

7. The role of a GP and how they raise funds (34:04)

8. Time allocation as a GP (40:04)

9. Raising funds –– which is the toughest, the first or the subsequent ones? (44:05)

10. LP communications –– best practices with existing investors and how to handle conversations with potential LPs (45:55)

11. GP commitment and benchmarks (53:23)

12. Rapid fire (56:42)