In this episode of 100xEntrepreneur Podcast, we chat with Shailesh Ghorpade, Managing Partner and CIO, Exfinity Venture Partners

Throughout the podcast, Shailesh shares his deep understanding of the SaaS startups building for Enterprises from his close to two decades of experience working at Infosys, Suzlon & Azure Capital, and others.

02:31 – Intro of Shailesh
03:25 – Background in the VC ecosystem
06:07 – Major milestones at Exfinity Venture Partners
08:36 – Fund growth over-time & thesis change
09:50 – Investing early-on in AI startups like Mad Street Den
13:29 – Identifying Mega-trends while looking out for potential portfolio companies
17:33 – Differentiating factor between top portfolio companies vs other portfolio companies funded around the same time
19:59 – Essential fundamentals to get from 0 to $1Mn ARR early-on
22:52 – Standing out amongst thousands of SaaS businesses in India
25:47 – Approaching Enterprises to validate problem statements as a SaaS founder
35:23 – Challenges restricting founders in between $1Mn to $10Mn ARR
39:50 – India market not completely ready for SaaS offerings
48:39 – Hiring the right people for Enterprise SaaS startups
59:55 – Book Recommendation – Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach