“Startups need the VCs to be more than just financial investors and Exfinity had proven that by being associated with us in business planning, connecting with right partners to reach value-creation milestones” Ravi Teja, Co-founder & CEO

MAD Street Den

“Found an able, trusted partner in Exfinity over this past year. They've been a rock, always by our side giving us first time founders, the operational support we desperately needed while finding our footing. They've been our go-to support to solve problems on the fly, get us connected to the network in various capacities” Ashwini Asokan, Founder & CEO


“Exfinity is a great place for B2B startups operating in deep technology field. The relevant experience, connect to customers & vendors, specialised for this field is invaluable for fast growing startup. Their quick decision making on investment is also very helpful for an early stage founder. Having Bala on board helps tremendously while building enterprise credibility” Nishith Rastogi, Founder & CEO


“Exfinity Ventures has added tremendous value to our business with all their experience in the B2B and technology focussed space. We have benefited from their partnership-oriented approach with their portfolio companies and continue to leverage on the ecosystem play that they create for us” Anish Basu Roy, Co-founder & CEO